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Change. That's all the difference.

Netivei Erech

"When you go out there you don't get away from it all, you get back to it all. You come home to what's important. You come home to yourself"

Peter Dombrovskis

Change. That's all the difference.

Our belief:

Netivei Erech is a boutique training company that uses outdoor experiential learning to create change and bring real value to clients. We believe that in our rapidly evolving world, change is a crucial factor for success, and we dedicate ourselves to making a difference in the behaviour and conduct of people and organisations.

Because each organisation has its own unique needs, we conduct a comprehensive preparation process to thoroughly understand these needs and to focus on the changes and goals the client wants to achieve. This process allows us to ensure that your objectives are achieved and precisely tailored to your needs. We do not offer standardised products, we provide tailor made solutions.

All activities are based on an evidence based theoretical model selected in accordance with our understanding our client’s needs. Your time is precious - we are committed to making the most of it!

אדם לייטון

Adam Leighton

CEO and Senior Facilitator

Senior facilitator with extensive managerial experience in a variety of fields, including leading teams under highly complex and intense conditions, managing large-scale projects that include hundreds of employees, and both planning and implementing organizational strategy. Out of a strong desire to fully engage in my love of working with people and assisting in personal development processes, I left a managerial career and today devote all my time to this field. I believe that the secret to success is a thorough understanding of the goal, meticulous preparations that allow flexibility in the field and a personal, open connection with workshop participants.

דב בן יעקב

Dov Ben Yaacov Kurtzman Bsw

Senior Trainer and Instructor

Dov has extensive therapeutic and training experience working with youth and adults, has a diploma in psychotherapy and cognitive-behavioural psychotherapy (CBT). He is currently the director of the Head Up, a foundation providing intervention in trauma and training for therapists, and has recently managed a complex campaign to provide assistance to British residents affected by the terrorist attacks in Manchester and London, including the recruitment and training of more than 150 volunteers.

Our Organizational Development Processes:

Outdoor experimental learning helps to initiate changes in our behavioural patterns. In all our programs, we will subject ourselves to the "action test" - will the outcome of the workshop be sustainable? Will it be implemented in real-life decisions and actions and not just in the workshop?


Leadership development workshops

Using innovative approaches, we help leaders develop the abilities to cope with the complex world currently prevalent in the various work environments. The work is carried out through experiential learning and the provision of useful and applicable tools.

Our training is based on the authentic leadership model.

פיתוח מנהיגות

Strategic Planning Workshops

Clarity about goals is critical for any organisation’s success. Together with your team, we will help you formulate a clear picture of where your organisation needs to be, and map out the ways to reach it. At the end of the experiential planning workshop we will make sure that there are clear decisions about what to do the following morning - and in the process we will recruit the team as partners, thus creating a sense of ownership and commitment to your strategy.

סדנאות תכנון

Brainstorming workshops

Feel that things can be done differently? That by pressing the right button you can release all the power of the team? We often talk about brainstorming as a recipe for creativity - but it turns out it's pretty hard to create something different with the existing tools. We offer a combination of experiential tools that will help all members of your team soar whilst following a structured brainstorming process that will yield results.

סיעור מוחות

Workshops for start-ups

Brilliant entrepreneurs, remarkable inventors and talented engineers are not necessarily naturally born leaders. The skillset required from managers in small companies can be just a challenging as those expected from leaders in the corporate world. The problem is that smaller companies and especially start-ups rarely have the tools or ability to invest in developing their teams’ management and leadership skills.

We offer a unique proposition providing effective training for teams and managers.

סדנאות לסטארטאפ

Team Building workshops

You have a great group of people - but they don’t work as a team? We can help create the change that will transform the way the team performs.

As part of the process we will learn with you where the barriers are in the team, and in a focused process we will lead the group to a path to excellence. A team development workshop can be the defining moment in which change begins within the organization.

All of our programs are research-based, including the innovative approach of the PROSOCIAL Group, developed by a group of scientists including the Nobel laureate Eleanor Ostrom.

פיתוח צוות

Our Clients

The positive feedback we receive from our customers,

makes all the hard work worthwhile...


Carolyn Kupietzky, Taglit 

“Adam led our multinational group through a though-provoking seminar. He opened our eyes to our ability to work together in better and more productive ways. We appreciated his insights and his ability to be flexible on the go. I would highly recommend him as a facilitator..”

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