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My Leadership mix

As I help organisations develop leadership skills, I am constantly exposed to a plenitude of different approaches. The further I explore, I find that those most relevant converge as do the tributaries of a great river. Each provides a unique important ingredient eventually creating a wonderful melange where all contribute and their individual flavours are intertwined.

The mix I have found includes a serving of Authenticity, a portion of ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Training) served with Kahneman’s Thinking Fast and Slow. The topping is Conscious Leadership (Dethmer, Chapman & Klemp) providing an elegant serving bowl through which the content becomes crystal clear.

Each approach and theory has great value , but I find that the mix is powerfully potent in the context of Leadership. Kahneman providing the logic explaining some of the inner mechanisms, ACT, the tools for self-examination, self-acceptance and value based action. The Authentic Leadership approach promotes leadership through meaningful relations based on self-awareness, this requiring that the leader finds peace with him/herself. The Conscious Leadership approach combines elements of all of the above in great clarity. For example, Kahneman’s two systems can be seen reflected in the concept of above the line/below the line as described in Conscious Leadership.

Taste is very individual, what’s your favourite salad? Let me know, I am always looking forward to new flavours!


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